Tuesday, March 06, 2007

what is bad for the computer

Look after your computer well if you want it to give you continued service for a long time to come. The aspects that would determine this could be:

• The way you treat your CD Drive - If you are in the practice of pushing it back to its slot, it’s the wrong way to treat it. Hit the open close key on the front of the drive to pull the tray. Else after a while the gears in the CD tray, weaken and the tray will lose its functionality
• Shutting off the computer without terminating all its programs - This is not so difficult given that windows has an inbuilt shut down option that offers the users the facility without much trouble
• The power chord of the computer and the cards in the system being lose – Will lead the computer to restart on its own which is never good for the system
• Restart the computer too often – Even if this happens involuntarily due to the mal function of a certain program or by the action of the user, the result is the same; leading the software to corrode or even loss files in dire situations. The ideal solution to the problem would be to run a scan disk each time one is compelled to restart and preferably avoid using the errant program until a newer version is installable
• Neglecting the earthing of the system is the biggest mistake that a computer user can do. It protects the computer from stray electric charges that could be very harmful for the computer. Its also simple given that checking to see if the power cable has a ground wire would do the job. Simple but worth more than the cost of the computer. To test if the comp is affected check if it lets out static then you’ll know ou missed out a vital detail while setting up your system.
• Why install new drivers when you haven’t installed newer software you may ask? You must I say. Some components are software specific and their utilities will only be ascertained once they are or are not able to support eh functions for which they were originally installed. The manufacturers support this lacunae through a patch which will be upgraded if you take care of upgrading the drivers of the computer for time to time.
• Is the inside of your computer out of sight out of mind? That’s not good either for your comp or for you. The condition of the insides of the comp decides the health of the system. Servicing it regularly is a good idea. Certain parts require special attention, E.g. The cooling fan on the system and the CPU. If they heat up the insides would roast. Ideally the fans need to be cleaned every 6 months if kept ina a concealed room and every 3 months if in an open area.

How best to look after your comp

• Shut the computer properly
• Scan for viruses
• Use the latest drivers
• Keep the system interiors clean
• Earthing of the system
• And … the CD ROM tray !!!

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